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Oral-B Pro 7000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

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Oral-B Pro 7000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush
Oral-B Pro 7000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush
Oral-B Pro 7000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush
Oral-B Pro 7000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush
Oral-B Pro 7000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush
Oral-B Pro 7000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush
Oral-B Pro 7000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush
Oral-B Pro 7000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush
Oral-B Pro 7000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush
Oral-B Pro 7000 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

Oral-B 7000 with Bluetooth Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush

It’s what happens when German engineers have a zero tolerance for plaque. It accelerates to top speed faster than a high performance sports car. Seven independent functions. Up to 800 brush movements per second. Designed by Braun, it truly is engineered to perform.


  • 1 Oral-B SmartSeries Handle
  • 1 CrossAction Brush Head
  • 1 ProWhite Brush Head
  • 1 Sensitive Clean Brush Head
  • 1 Premium Charger with Refill Head Storage
  • 1 Premium Travel Case
  • 1 SmartGuide

Oral-B 7000 Modes & Features

  • Six High-Performance Brushing Modes: Daily Clean, Deep Clean, Whitening, Massage, Sensitive and Tongue Cleaning
  • Sophisticated pressure-sensor technology alerts you if you're brushing too hard and automatically decelerates the pulsation and oscillation speeds of the brush head
  • Wireless SmartGuide gives you real-time information about brushing modes, times and areas
  • Specially designed seals and gaskets keep the Oral-B 7000 water tolerant to 500 millibars of pressure
  • Made of different high-tech materials like silicon, the travel case protects all of its vital technology
  • Designed by the engineers at Braun, it removes 300% more plaque along the gum line than a regular manual brush
  • Accepted by the American Dental Association
  • Oral-B is the #1 dentist-recommended toothbrush brand worldwide

Compatible with All Oral-B Replacement Brush Heads The Oral-B 7000 SmartSeries with Bluetooth comes with 2 CrossAction brush heads, our most advanced brush head with precision angled bristles. Also included are 1 ProWhite brush head for a whiter smile from day one, 1 FlossAction brush head for sweeping away plaque, and 1 Sensitive Clean brush head to help fight sensitivity. So you can get the clean you need, every time. And if you have other oral health needs – like cleaning around orthodontics – the Oral-B 7000 SmartSeries is compatible with every brush head Oral-B makes.

Real Time Feedback With Bluetooth and the Oral-B App A revolutionary new way to take care of your oral health, the 7000 SmartSeries with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity not only removes more plaque but also eliminates doubt. Simply download the Oral-B app on your smartphone and connect with Bluetooth to get real-time feedback on your brushing habits. It’s the one power brush that actually communicates while it cleans, so you won’t wonder if you’re getting a superior clean*— you’ll know. *vs. a regular manual toothbrush

Motivates Brush the dentist-recommended 2 minutes with entertaining news and weather, plus helpful oral care tips and rewards.

Focuses Focuses brushing on your most important areas by allowing you to work with your dental professional and set time in each quadrant of the mouth.

Tracks Monitor your brushing habits over time with intuitive graphs and charts, and store up to 6 months of your personal brushing data.

Senses The Triple Pressure Sensor alerts you when you brush too hard to prevent harmful over-brushing.

Shipping and Returns information

What is covered in my Oral-B warranty?

Your Oral-B warranty starts on the day of purchase and runs for 2 years. If your Oral-B product is defective during the warranty period, we will replace it free of charge*.

The warranty does not cover cosmetic damage such as scratches, or damage caused by:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Accident, misuse, dirt or water
  • The product being tampered with
  • Improper use
  • Repairs carried out by agents not authorized by Oral-B/Braun
  • Failure to take proper care of the product, including recharging
  • The product being altered or used for commercial purposes

*The Service Center will send you a like-for-like technical replacement, or if this is not possible a device of a higher specification. The Service Center may not be able to supply a toothbrush of the same color. 

How can I get my Oral-B electric toothbrush serviced?

If you’re experiencing a problem with your Oral-B toothbrush, check out our Online Repair Service! There you’ll find troubleshooting tips which may help resolve the issue. Simply go to, select your Region, Country and Language and then click on the "Online Check" button.  

If you’re unable to fix the problem and need to send your toothbrush for service, you can use the online service to print off a pre-paid mailing label and get a tracking number. The tracking number will enable you to track the progress of your request. Please note you must have a receipt to get a pre-paid mailing label and your brush must be within its warranty period.

If you’re unable to use the Online Repair Service, please see the instructions below.

For In Warranty service, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit to find details of your closest Braun/Oral-B Authorized Service Center.
  2. Send the product directly to the Service Center, including:
  • All system components (e.g., toothbrush handle, charger, power cord, SmartGuide). You do not need to include accessories like the brush heads or refill stand.
  • A copy of your proof of purchase, if available (always keep a copy for yourself).
  • A letter including the following information: your name, return mailing address, contact phone number, e-mail address and a brief explanation of the problem you're experiencing with the product.

If you include your e-mail address, the Braun/Oral-B Service center will send you updates when the product is received and when product is shipped back, along with a tracking number.

All products sent in for service must be well packaged and sent in a box suitable to withstand normal freight handling. It is recommended that your package is appropriately insured and shipped using a carrier who can provide tracking. We will cover all repair costs and return shipping to you.

For Out of Warranty service: You can still send your device to a Braun/Oral-B Authorized Service Center for service at your own cost. If the product warranty has expired, a quote will be sent to you for approval and payment, prior to any service. Before shipping your device, we recommend you call the authorized Service Center to discuss your service needs.

330 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by ABPeanut on Apr 4th 2014

    This is the best toothbrush ever! It really helped when i got to see it on my phone!

  • 5
    Best gift ever

    Posted by Lilyc123 on Apr 4th 2014

    I received this toothbrush as a birthday gift. Never having used an electronic toothbrush before, I am very pleased with it's performance. My teeth feel as if I've just had a professional cleaning..everyday! It's really great!

  • 5
    Best purchase ever

    Posted by CKie on Apr 4th 2014

    I was skeptical about buying this product at first. But I am so happy with the results, I know I will never buy a different toothbrush again! Wonderful! Leaves your mouth feeling like you just had a professional cleaning!

  • 5
    Love it

    Posted by Amanda518 on Apr 3rd 2014

    I recommend this brush to all of my patients, I love the sleek design and color!

  • 5

    Posted by nessalebalnc on Apr 3rd 2014

    This is the cleanist that my teeth have ever felt.

  • 5

    Posted by AmbyDee on Apr 3rd 2014

    I highly recommend this product! I love it! It makes my teeth feel clean and is the perfect size.

  • 5
    awsome product

    Posted by grnize89 on Apr 3rd 2014

    this product is the best I have ever used in my life.

  • 5
    love this

    Posted by completedental1 on Apr 3rd 2014

    we bought several of these to sell in our practice. Our patients love them. Keep it up Oral B

  • 5
    over the top

    Posted by janw on Apr 3rd 2014

    This is a state of the art dental health care appliance. I am recommending this electric brush to my friends who still use an old fashioned toothbrush.

  • 3
    this is nice product

    Posted by kothari on Apr 3rd 2014

    this is nice product this is nice product this is nice product this is nice product this is nice product this is nice product this is nice product this is nice product this is nice product

  • 5
    First and only Toothbrush for me

    Posted by sharkteeth on Apr 2nd 2014

    I ordered my 7000 series after my dentist told me I should really invest in a electric toothbrush or I could face gum graphs from brushing too hard and much. After much research I chose this one because it was one of the only brushes with 3 dimensional movement and had a gum setting. Plus I travel for work and this had a travel case that was very convenient. I am so impressed with just the first uses. I feel like I had a professional cleaning at the dentist and I have no gum inflimation. It is also suprisingly easy to use and would recommend this to my family and friends.

  • 5
    Tell all my patients

    Posted by lgsrdh on Apr 2nd 2014

    So love this brush....such a fan of the oral B....recommend this brush to all my patients....very user friendly and patients come back with great results after using it!!!

  • 5

    Posted by davesmith on Apr 2nd 2014

    Best purchase ever. Thoothbrush works great and they have gteat awesome customer service.

  • 5
    From your family Hygienist

    Posted by AmandaRDH2 on Apr 2nd 2014

    My previous review was subbmitted under AmandaRDH. I Always recommend the oral-b brush for every patient. Those with abrasion benefit from the pressure guide and light. The smart guide helps ensure two minute brush times for every member of the family. Those with orthodontics benefit from good debris and plaque removal around those difficult brackets. The smaller toothbrush head size is a benefit to hug the whole crown of a tooth to keep them clean! Keep smiling after using your oral-b.

  • 5
    From your family Hygienist

    Posted by AmandaRDH on Apr 2nd 2014

    My recommendation goes beyond hygienist - I recommend Oral-B as a family member,friend, and toothbrush shopper. I have been using oral-b products for as long as I can remember. When I had orthodontics (braces) my mother purchased a powerbrush and water floss combination. Since then I've been hooked! The circular toothbrush head curves around each tooth individually to help effectively remove plaque and food debris. Numerous reports back up these findings - but I've tried it first hand. From helping prevent food around orthodontic brackets to helping keep stain away I have always been satisfied with my oral-b brush. The smart guide helps prevent my aggressive brushing and is the first recommendation when I see abrasion. (The new light is an added bonus!) Two minute brushing is also needed for effective brushing and the smart guide helps each member of the family achieve it. Pair this oral-b brush and the floss action header you have the perfect brushing combination.

  • 5

    Posted by Bret on Apr 2nd 2014

    My teeth do not feel clean if I use any other brush! This product is the best that is out there right now! Everyone is getting one as birthday presents this year! :)

  • 5
    Super Clean Teeth

    Posted by Wubbswest on Apr 2nd 2014

    I switched from a manual toothbrush to this one and it is fantastic! I noticed that my teeth are cleaner and that when I floss not as much comes out like before. My breath smells great for longer periods of time. I would recommend this!!

  • 5
    Worth Every Cent!

    Posted by pooja on Apr 2nd 2014

    My Dentist is happy with me! My teeth are much more clean and white. No wonder, the Journal of Clinical Dentistry found that the Oral-B Professional Care Series, removes more plaque from the whole mouth (including tongue, etc) than the Sonicare Elite electric toothbrush.

  • 5
    Overall product design is awesome

    Posted by Nakhuda on Apr 2nd 2014

    Overall the brush is very good, in terms of functionality and design, ....

  • 3
    Nice Product

    Posted by SrinivasRam on Apr 2nd 2014

    I was really amazed at the product. Its worth every penny. I recommend this to every one. Good Product

  • 4
    Oral b black

    Posted by bhatlaksh1 on Apr 2nd 2014

    Oralb black electric toothbrush is recommended for any users as this product is good!!

  • 5

    Posted by Lorry on Apr 1st 2014

    It's great. I tell everyone that they need to get one and use for 2 minutes on their teeth.

  • 5
    Clean fresh feel

    Posted by RedRidingHood on Apr 1st 2014

    I recommend the electric toothbrush to everyone that I am lucky enough to have the conversation with. As a Dental Hygienist, we are fortunate enough to have a "captive" audience. Even if they're not truly interested in learning by the end of the appointment they are very well educated in the positive results of using this electric toothbrush. At their next 6 month visit they are true believers! They express appreciation for the knowledge of the advantages of the electric toothbrush and the results they have.

  • 5

    Posted by SALEEN60 on Apr 1st 2014

    This is by far the best professional electric toothbrush that I have ever used. I highly recommend this to anyone especially if they have periodontal disease.

  • 5
    One of the very nicest electric tooth brushes ever I have ever used!

    Posted by Catherine on Apr 1st 2014

    when I bought my new tooth brush I was unsure if I wanted to change from my sonicare to the Oral B Black 7000 with smart guide.
    After using it a couple of times I enjoyed to ease of use and would never change to a different one ever!! I am very pleased with my new toothbrush.
    Thank you for the nice development.

  • 4

    Posted by Kaylees on Apr 1st 2014

    Love this brush! It works amazingly! My dentist recommended it and it's made a huge difference in my oral hygiene. Totally worth the expense.

  • 5
    The one thing I could never live without!!!

    Posted by Autumn on Apr 1st 2014

    The oral-b smart series electric toothbrush is the one item I could never live without. It is the best toothbrush on the market. I highly recommend oral-b. Thank you oral-b for always improving patients oral health, in office and at home. Oral-B rocks!!!

  • 3
    nice product to use

    Posted by shahiss on Apr 1st 2014

    nice product to use nice product to use nice product to use nice product to use nice product to use nice product to use

  • 5
    Works well

    Posted by laila on Apr 1st 2014

    I think this product is a good investment because it times you while brushing and has different setting. I highly recommend it!

  • 5
    Love to have

    Posted by artsysenior on Apr 1st 2014

    I now have an Oral-B brush but would love to update with this one.

  • 5
    Best Toothbrush Ever

    Posted by Dedipper on Apr 1st 2014

    When I bought this toothbrush I loved it immediately. You get such a thorough and deep cleaning. I recommend this brush it is a wonderful buy.

  • 5
    Wow, this is so cool

    Posted by jrl3 on Apr 1st 2014

    This toothbrush makes it feel like the dental assistant is using a jackhammer. I recommend it to everyone.

  • 5
    Great brush!

    Posted by Bgaribaldi08 on Apr 1st 2014

    The timer is an excellent feature! And the size do the brush head works very well!

  • 5
    One of the best of all

    Posted by Thai on Apr 1st 2014

    This electric tooth brush was one of the best tooth brush I ever use I recommend this to all of my family and friends .

  • 5

    Posted by Camy on Mar 31st 2014

    Wonderful toothbrush. I greatly recommended to anyune who wants to try something new.

  • 5
    One of the best investments ever!

    Posted by Nini on Mar 31st 2014

    I absolutely love this toothbrush! Why would anyone not want to use a toothbrush that absolutely does all the work for you and amazing results after a dental check up? All for such a small price, this brush gives BIG results!

  • 3
    nice product

    Posted by shahid on Mar 31st 2014

    nice product nice product nice product nice product nice product nice product nice product nice product nice product

  • 5
    Best gift ever

    Posted by Pavelich on Mar 31st 2014

    I love this tooth brush. I would recommend this tooth brush to anyone.

  • 5
    Oral B Electric toothbrush

    Posted by Tooth23 on Mar 31st 2014

    As a dental hygienist I always recommend the best option for my patients oral health. oral B toothbrushes are the best investment my patients make. It removes more bacteria then any other power brush.When my patients switch to the Oral B power brushes always return with great feedback and healthier gums.


  • 5
    Good one

    Posted by Isha on Mar 31st 2014

    By far the best one from oral b. Gets to all the crevices and gingiva responds well with the vibrations too. Overall good product would recommend it to my patients

  • 5
    very good

    Posted by txdentist on Mar 31st 2014

    I am dentist in Texas. I personally use this electric tooth brush and have recommended this to my family and my patient.
    They all satisfied with this product. Especially, for patients with limited dexterity, it is very useful.

  • 5
    best purchase i can make

    Posted by yah2014 on Mar 31st 2014

    i love the color and it really cleans great stuff!

  • 5
    It is so much Better than sonicare!!!!

    Posted by Reen on Mar 31st 2014

    It is so much Better than sonicare. This is the coolest color I had ever seen in oral B product!!! I love it so much and 100% will recommend to everyone. You will definitely love it if you tried.

  • 5
    Best Toothbrush I've Used!!!!

    Posted by mszw98 on Mar 31st 2014

    I really like how clean my teeth feel. I really like the different settings option though I use the first setting majority of the time. The timer for each quadrant really keeps me on track. Great Toothbrush. My dental hygiene visits are always A++ since using it. :D

  • 5
    Wonderful Product

    Posted by LACI on Mar 31st 2014

    I always liked Oral-B, however, this one is Top-notch 100%.

  • 5
    Wonderful Toothbrush

    Posted by StoneRDH on Mar 31st 2014

    Great upgrade version. The travel case is very nice and looks good. I recommend this toothbrush to all my patients looking for better oral health. This brush works well and is worth the investment.

  • 5
    would like to have

    Posted by giuliana on Mar 31st 2014

    Since my eletric Oralb is 4 years old. And the office I work for sales Sonicare.I would love to try my self then recommend to my patients.My 5stars rating are based on others OralB product

  • 5
    Best gift to give yourself and your patients! Amazing!

    Posted by RDHmich on Mar 31st 2014

    This brush makes an enormous difference in people's lives. Once I started using it, I never stopped recommending it to everyone I know. It truly makes your mouth feel so clean and it has the research to back it up! The timer is an amazing way to be mindful of how much time your spending brushing your teeth and the best part is that you never brush too hard due to the great pressure indicator light. You can be happy with this purchase as it is one of the best investments you will make for your mouth and overall health.

  • 5
    Use prduct before reviewing it

    Posted by Hockey2412 on Mar 31st 2014

    Really felt clean after using it, beter than sonicare

  • 5
    Long live white teeth

    Posted by Kottonkandy on Mar 31st 2014

    Keeps your teeth white and feeling smooth. I haven't been to a dentist for a while because I am low on money but this product helped to clean and whiten my teeth better than any other electric toothbrush.

  • 5

    Posted by hottoddy1003 on Mar 31st 2014

    It works great!!! I love the clean fresh feeling I get after using this tooth brush.

  • 4
    Nice one!

    Posted by dhaval1406 on Mar 31st 2014

    This was one of the best product I have used so far. My family loves this product. I would definitely recommend it to some one who is looking for electronic toothbrush.

  • 4
    please pick me!!!

    Posted by vicky on Mar 31st 2014

    Ok so I've heard so many great things about this product, but I seriously can't afford it. Its way out of my budget and I seriously cant wait to get my hands on one!! I am a Dental Assistant and everyone in the office has one except me so please pick me to win I would love to have one

  • 2

    Posted by reviewet on Mar 31st 2014

    Not that great of a purchase honestly


    Duffy Bibb guess yet

  • 5
    Such a Clean feeling!! Best Ever!!!

    Posted by AndreaRDA on Mar 31st 2014

    Love love love how clean my teeth feel. I' recommend this tooth brush to anyone the timer is awesome reminds you not to brush to quickly.

  • 5
    the best electric toothbrush ever

    Posted by bbss on Mar 31st 2014

    I have many patients using this brush. They're all satisfied, and I'm impressed after each cleaning. Thank you for helping the world stay healthier.

  • 5
    Best electric tooth bursh i have ever used

    Posted by nicky20091 on Mar 31st 2014

    it helps cleans the back side of the tooth. I used it for the back side of the tooth because of the gagging problem. it is solidly built and alot of heads of toothbrush helps to clean different surface of the tooth easily . (gum line and interdental areas)

  • 5
    Blows you away

    Posted by tuckersmiles on Mar 31st 2014

    I love this brush!! Patients look awesome when they are faithful with it....helps with perio issues, whitening and overall plaque control.

  • 5
    Best Purchase Ever

    Posted by CheaChea on Mar 31st 2014

    This is the best toothbrush I have ever owned. Hands down!

  • 5
    Oral b black

    Posted by Laceyb821 on Mar 31st 2014

    I love the style of this product. I am interested in the purchase because of the unique style for my husband

  • 5
    best investment ever!!

    Posted by nina on Mar 31st 2014

    I love this toothbrush. Ever since I bought it even my hygienist can tell the difference! ! Great invention!

  • 5
    Amazing toothbrush

    Posted by cdsty on Mar 31st 2014

    I bought this toothbrush 6 months ago and it still works as if it was in a perfect condition. ive already told my parents to buy it and they've recommended it to their friends. We have all been happy and satisfied with the product, especially their customer service.

  • 4

    Posted by Paranki1 on Mar 31st 2014

    My mom loved this brush one of the nicest bruch ever

  • 5
    best toothbrush

    Posted by klalynn on Mar 31st 2014

    Such a fancy but yet effective toothbrush. Definitely want one of these!

  • 3
    love your products

    Posted by MelissaG on Mar 31st 2014

    I would love to win a new oral b toothbrush! Nothing beats having a clean mouth and i think oral b is the best tool to get the job done!

  • 5
    very happy

    Posted by PattyDee on Mar 31st 2014

    I always feel like I get my teeth really clean. My smile is clean and bright. Highly recommended to everyone.

  • 5
    Perfect cleaning tool

    Posted by doom on Mar 31st 2014

    I tried this brush for myself, and I found it just like a perfect toll which I'd definitely recommend it for my patient

  • 5
    Fantastic product

    Posted by Explorer on Mar 31st 2014

    This toothbrush is everything you could ask for. Leaves your mouth feeling like you just the dentists office clean.

  • 5

    Posted by maryo on Mar 31st 2014

    I think this is great power brush and like the sleek handle and way it works. I would be lost without it!

  • 5
    Very good

    Posted by Kchak on Mar 31st 2014

    It is like I have been to my hygienist, soft headbrushe

  • 5
    This is great

    Posted by Fabiola on Mar 31st 2014

    This is a great product that cleans your teeth faster than a normal tooth brush will. It reaches in all the right places that you should brush to give you a bright clean smile and healthy gums.

  • 5
    Electric TB

    Posted by DebbieT on Mar 31st 2014

    This review is on the Black Diamond Sonicare,
    What can I say the BEST EVER! I love the color the way it fits in your hand and of course the amazing way it cleans and helps fight gum disease.
    You can not beat it!
    I recommend this brush to all of my pts.
    Try it you will LOVE it!

  • 5
    The greatest and smartest invention brush ever. ++++++

    Posted by Kitty on Mar 31st 2014

    The greatest and smartest invention brush I ever had. After using it, I definitely want to introduce it to our technology world.

  • 5

    Posted by Daniellesweden on Mar 31st 2014

    Best purchase ever I would recommend this product to anyone!

  • 5
    Best of the best

    Posted by Neda on Mar 31st 2014

    It's the best thoothbrush I have ever used I always recommend it to my patients who put too much pressure when they brush. I highly recommend it. Easy to use. Spetially with the monitor that guides you.

  • 5
    Highly recommended to my patients

    Posted by Gentlehygienist on Mar 31st 2014

    I am very impressed with all the oral b electric toothbrushes, but especially with this brush

  • 5
    An Ultimate Toothbrush

    Posted by jhldoc on Mar 31st 2014

    The best electronic toothbrush ever!!!!! It suits for all types of periodontal status

  • 5
    Fresh and clean

    Posted by lovedad14 on Mar 31st 2014

    This toothbrush scrubs to brighten your teeth white .. great brush

  • 4

    Posted by cam10 on Mar 30th 2014

    Love this product wonderful for teeth leaves teeth feeling clean

  • 4

    Posted by xtefani13 on Mar 30th 2014

    I love this new Oral-B 7000. I was impressed with the accessories that came with it. The beautiful mat-black travel case and whatnot. It is very fancy with its 6 modes and a bunch of different brush heads but in the end, it's a cheap toothbrush. It's a fat toothbrush that's not very sturdy. The battery doesn't last long, either. Even my old Sonic Complete is much more compact and durable. Almost 5 years, and it hasn't let me down once! My battery lasts forever, too!

  • 5
    Best cleaning ever.

    Posted by FaCan on Mar 30th 2014

    Great cleaning and does not hurt. Feel fresh after and clean for the rest of the day

  • 5

    Posted by alwayshidden on Mar 30th 2014

    I like the design and the color choice. I would definitely recommend to my family and friends.

  • 5
    love it

    Posted by brittanyw on Mar 30th 2014

    This is one of the best products I have ever used! Thank you so much Oral-B! I need a new one :) works so well on my teeth!

  • 5
    best oral health investment

    Posted by rdhcourt on Mar 30th 2014

    I strongly recommend this product for optimal plaque removal to all patients. Its best when used twice per day and will help you achieve a whiter and brighter smile!

  • 5
    great tootbrush

    Posted by SusanM on Mar 30th 2014

    I really like this toothbrush, especially hand is the 2-minute timer so I know I'm spending enough time brushing my teeth!

  • 5
    Excellent Results !

    Posted by padams3 on Mar 30th 2014

    The Oral B toothbrush products are far and away the best on the market. My gum health improved significantly when I switched to the Oral B 7000 Electric Toothbrush with SmartGuide !

  • 5
    i love it

    Posted by marie on Mar 30th 2014

    this product was the best ever I love the smart guide it helps with my kids they each have one and they at first did not like it but they do now I love it because it tells me when its time to stop brushing :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 5
    It works great, love it

    Posted by Monique on Mar 30th 2014

    I am a dentist who is so aggressive in brushing my teeth. I can't help it. Of course I ended up with recession as a result of the hard and long time brushing period. I can go on 5 minutes brushing without realizing. I used to use Philips Sonic Care since I was a dental student. I then saw the clock that comes with Oral-B and thought to give it a try. I loved it, not only because it vibrates when it's time to switch, but I also can see that on that digital clock and most importantly is it shows me when I am pressing hard on my gingiva. I was recommending it to all my patients, colleagues and relatives ever since. My hygienist is trying to convince me to go back to Philips Sonic Care and i refused to do so, because I am so happy with my Oral B one. I am opening a new office and I would like to order a display one as I am also planning to get a new one for my husband on our anniversary,

  • 5
    Best toothbrush you have launched yet!

    Posted by Gordononchampagne on Mar 30th 2014

    Love sleek design and timer. Really cleans well and fits in to reach 3 rd molars

  • 5
    Best Toothbrush Invention Ever

    Posted by Romeo on Mar 30th 2014

    This toothbrush variety just improved over those I have tried in years past. it's obviously recommended highly by dentists as well. It is a model that is packed with features and cleaning power that can only be done by Oral-B. I am always happy to see the dentist, as when I do it's always said: "I am using only the very best (Oral-B). you know the brand that is known as the “dentist’s brand”! It comes with Six cleaning modes; all of which ensure a person can customize their cleaning method to one's own preference! As for the guide, it ensures that the cleaning has been done efficiently - making me want to smile. And when others ask ---- "Whats making you so happy?" I respond with a smile and say: Its the greatness of Oral-B and their products! You should check out their website for a listing of their great products and services!

  • 5
    best product to exist

    Posted by Linda18 on Mar 30th 2014

    Electric tooth brushes helps you remove 2 times more than a regular toothbrush, gets in between deep pits and in crowded areas you are not able to get in, it manually does the brushing for you.

  • 5
    mr clean

    Posted by 1ely on Mar 30th 2014

    obsessed with my teeth i love for them to be so clean

  • 5
    Oral B 7000

    Posted by AngelB56 on Mar 30th 2014

    How much can you say about a toothbrush? Amazing results come to mind. The 7000 does the job and makes brush time fun for my family. They actually enjoy brushing. Thanks for a great priduct

  • 5
    Better than the Dentist Feeling!

    Posted by Joslyn on Mar 30th 2014

    After I used my Oral B. Black 7000 electric toothbrush with smart guide, I was convinced that this is not just any ordinary toothbrush, but an investment for my teeth. The pressure sensor is one of the best features because I have sensitive teeth and gums. It is the future of toothbrushes!

  • 5

    Posted by IO15 on Mar 30th 2014

    Oral-B hits again with a cool and refreshing design!

  • 5
    At a loss

    Posted by RoseMarieCole on Mar 29th 2014

    I think this is my 7th review and I still can't say enough about the Model 7,000 . I don't have to count how many strokes I've brushed, or how long I've been brushing. The gentle motion of the power head doesn't make toothpaste fly all over the sink or on the mirror.

  • 5
    Love the Oscillating

    Posted by nmarcho on Mar 29th 2014

    The oscillating feature if terrific. I think my teeth look whiter because it's taking more plaque off. Makes my mouth feel very clean.

  • 5
    Feels just like you got your teeth cleaned from your hygienist!

    Posted by marissarise10 on Mar 28th 2014

    I love this toothbrush! It is probably the best purchase I have ever made, every time I brush my teeth it feels as if I had just left the dentist! No other toothbrush even compares to this one! Sonicare better step up there game and watch out for the new Oral-B!!

  • 5
    In a nutshell....Toothless B

    Posted by ToothlessBob on Mar 28th 2014

    You want a real review or a b.s. made up story. Stupidest promotion I have ever seen. How do you expect someone to say how great your product is by a picture. You need to fire whoever came up with this brilliant idea. It's a waste of your time to ask someone to do this. I was just hoping to win one but not if I have to feed you a load of s#!t to get it. So is your review. Great promotion! Best EVERRR!!!!

  • 5
    Amazing tooth brush

    Posted by Ranette on Mar 28th 2014

    This power tooth brush is amazing and leaves mouth feeling clean and fresh! Definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a great tooth brush. This is what you need for healthy gums and smooth, clean teeth.

Why Choose Oral-B?

More Cleaning Power

More Cleaning-Power

Oral-B® Electric Toothbrushes deliver up to 48,800 movements per minute, while a regular manual tooth-brush can only deliver 300 to 600 movements per minute. The Oral-B Pro 1000 removes 100% more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

Oscillating/Rotating/Pulsating Technology

rotating sensors

Oral-B Electric Toothbrushes use clinically proven superior oscillating/rotating/pulsating technology. The round brush head pulsates to loosen plaque and then oscillates and rotates to sweep the plaque away.

Visable Pressure Sensor

Pressure sensors

To promote healthy gums, Oral-B Electric Toothbrushes are designed with a built-in visual pressure sensor featuring audio and visualsignals to alert you if too much force is applied while brushing. It can also be programmed through the Oral-B smartphone app to illuminate with your choice of 12 colors as you brush.

Multiple Cleaning Modes

Multiple modes

You can choose your preferred way to get a thorough clean.

Daily Clean

Provides a superior clean vs. a regular manual toothbrush.

Deep Clean

Extends brushing time to enhance results


Operates at a lower speed for a gentle clean


Designed to gently massage and stimulate gums


Alternates speed to polish away stains

Tongue Cleaning

Throughly cleans tongue for fresher breath


3D White

Specially designed for advanced cleaning and whitening. Features a polishing cup to help remove surface stains while bristles clean away plaque.


Pro Gum Care

Features ultrathin bristles that gently flex to clean around gums for a gentle, superior clean and 2x healthier gums vs. a manual toothbrush.



Get a tooth by tooth clean with specially engineered bristles that are angled to remove up to 500% more plaque vs. regular manual toothbrush when used on Pro-1000 and up handles.

Optional Upgrades

USB Smart Travel Case

Travel Case
Smart Case

Smart Travel Case Features a sleek and compact design that travels just as well as you do. Its so innovative, it can even charge your smartphone and electric toothbrush at the same time.

Position Detection

Position Detection

Using Bluetooth, your smartphone and facial recognition technology Oral-B Me’s Position Detection allows you to see and improve your brushing habits by providing you with real-time feedback.

Gum Detoxify Toothpaste

Gum Detoxify

Add on our award-winning Crest toothpaste! Gum Detoxify Toothpaste uses a cooling activated foam to help penetrate hard to reach areas, finding and neutralizing harmful plaque bacteria around the gum line for clinically proven healthier gums.